Gourmands’ Paradise

Singapore is a blend of cultures, a place emerged out of need for a mix at the crossroads of regions. Singaporean architecture is wildly colorful, innovative and traditional, forming futuristic skylines.

The mixing of cultures will always result in a paradise for gourmands. I can’t think of another place better for foodies than Singapore. Here Clarke Quay is one of those touristic places every foreigner goes to. It can offer you a big variety of seafood for a rather high price, but I would suggest you ask them on Couchsurfing and explore places beloved by locals in this amazing city. If you thought crabs are made from bones and tongs, in Singapore you will find out that crabs can be veeeery meaty. Try some black pepper crabs and some chilli crabs. None of them will leave you unmoved, you will find the dish of your life 😛 … unless allergic. Oh, I almost forgot, try some local durian recipes, at least the ice cream.

The variety of markets and shopping centers is huge, from exotic fruits and spices to electronics and fashion brands. Check Funan Center, Mustafa  or Sim Lim Square for electronics. Do your research beforehand, don’t underestimate the scammers, even in Singapore you could be tripped. Prices may differ for the same product in a different shop . ..but negotiate, hey! If you buy any electronics, ask the seller to fill in the tax refund ticket. You can reclaim the tax at the airport .

Singaporeans are super organized and polite, they work a lot (one of those efficient government policies), they wear crazy hairstyles and they love to party! The majority of population consists of Malaysians, Chinese and Indians. Different religions, different languages, different look. They speak good English, here it’s OK to get lost!


Singapore is an island nesting other smaller islands around. One of the biggest is Sentosa, which includes a very popular attraction park.


Palawan Island, the southernmost point of continental Asia, is connected to Sentosa island via a suspended bridge. So, we have three islands connected to the mainland via bridges and highways: Palawan Island → Sentosa → Singapore → mainland Asia. Also we have Singaporean Airlines connecting the world, which claims to be the best in many ways … and is truly so. Singapore is one of the major international airport hubs, just like Dubai, London or Frankfurt.

Singapore    DSC_0242     DSC_0240


Singapore has a very humid tropical climate. The city also hosts the biggest bird park in the world, Jurong.


My favorite bird in Jurong was this giant blue pigeon….

DSC_2490     DSC_2494


At midday there is a possibility to watch the feeding of the pelicans. It’s an amazing experience, especially for kids.

DSC_2552     DSC_2560

Singaporean China Town


DSC_8184      DSC_8183

A Hindu temple ….. in the China Town area !






DSC_8201      Picture 042


Red Frangipani

DSC_8217    DSC_8568

Marina Bay Sands Resort


Picture 027    Picture 073


Picture 060     Picture 020

Picture 075

My favorite building in Singapore!

Picture 008

Picture 069

Picture 011     Picture 024

Picture 028

Picture 061      Picture 062

Clarke Quay

Picture 043

Picture 032       Picture 035

Picture 052

Picture 036      Picture 037

Picture 058

Picture 053      DSC_2536

If you happen to be in Singapore during Diwali, visit Little India. Every house is decorated in colorful dressings. The area itself is very vibrant, but the feast adds to its charm.



Picture 226

Picture 234

Picture 237

Don’t chew any gum in Singapore, hey!


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