Walking above the rainforest

Would you like to balance a lil bit? Two Canadians have built a canopy walk above the rainforest in Kakum National Park, Ghana. The 7 connected bridges  are suspending at 40 meters above the rainforest, giving the visitors a possibility to see the life in the forest from a bird’s perspective. The canopy walk is 330 m long, being built from ropes, wires and wooden planks.

Kakum canopy

Kakum is about 3 hrs drive from Accra. It is better to start your trip early in the morning, to avoid being stuck in traffic jams. Traffic jams is something you don’t want to experience in Accra. If you happen to be there, I’m sorry, I am so sorry … you’re STUCK, glued for hours before you move one meter more. So start early.


Bridges are connected to 7 giant tropical trees.

DSC_0839     DSC_0843

Don’t panic, it has been tested !


It’s a blessing to be there when her majesty, the nature, is waking up. Such a vibe and energy!



Dare looking around, it is beautifuuuuul, stop screaming like a freak 🙂



The walk offers splendid views over the forest. You can hear birds singing (or croaking 🙂 ). Sometimes you can spot monkeys. Also, you will notice dozens of camouflaged lizards on your way up to the bridge.


Kakum canopy walk is one of the few suspended bridges above the forest which exist in the world.


On the way back to Accra is it worth stopping at Elmina Castle in Cape Coast, which is one of the thirty coastal forts built by Europeans on the Golden Coast during the colonial past.


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