A castle on the Atlantic slave trade route

West Africa was the door of no return for millions sold into slavery along centuries. Ghana has dozens of castles which prove the shameful history. One of them is in Cape Coast – 2 hrs drive from Accra (depending on the traffic). Cape Coast is a fishing port in the south of Ghana. During colonial era it knew the rule of many European powers.

Cape Coast is 30 km away from Kakum National Park.


A former Gold Coast (present Ghana) fort serving an infamous cause, Elmina Castle is one of the thirty such bases built by Europeans in the area. It was constructed by the Portuguese, being the first trading post built in the Gulf of Guinea. Later it became an important depot for slaves.


The room of no return was the last connection with the motherland for the slaves send to hard labor over the Atlantic. I would highly recommend this book on the subject. Inhuman conditions practiced towards slaves in this castle caused many lost lives.

DSC_0926     DSC_0935


The castle has a room full with bats which hang upside down, suspending from the ceiling. They are inoffensive and can be visited inside the room, if you wish.

 DSC_0989     DSC_0947

The Portuguese compass in front of the fort


Fishing is one of the essential occupation of the local population. Traditional wooden boats overfill the coastline.



It looks like a huge party, wow!



Elmina was important strategically, therefore is had all the necessary military supplies.







I still have a huge shell signed “Elmina Castle”, which was skillfully souvenired by local kids. I even managed to bring it over, to Ukraine. Ah, Africa, what can I do for you? I still love you as you are, and your aggressive sellers wouldn’t push me away.


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