A pink lake in Africa

Now, imagine a pink lake ….. Lake Rebta (Lac Rose in French) is situated not far from Dakar in Senegal. It is salty. Veeery salty. Almost like the Dead Sea. Its pink is from an algae. Unfortunately the sky was cloudy when we visited it, but on a bright day you can get to see that striking contrast, as if somebody poured industrial paint in the lake. But it’s real, natural, no make over.


Salt is extracted manually form the bottom of the lake and is used locally in Senegal and in the neighbouring countries, mainly for nutrition purposes and to preserve fish. Lots of foreigners work on the lake – men would dig out the salt and women would carry the filled up baskets. It is a hard labor and not one of the pleasant ones. Workers cover their bodies with shea butter, otherwise it is impossible to survive for extensive hours in that salinity. The pirogues (Senegalese traditional boats) are made entirely of wood because any metal would immediately get rusted in the salt.



The site gets more and more popular. It is only about an hour drive from Dakar, therefore tourists don’t miss it. At the lake women sell souvenirs. Their approach may be quite annoying and chaotic, but just buy some staff, it would probably coast you a few cents anyway.

DSC_3622      DSC_3634

They travel a long way to the lake to make a living.


The salt comes in different types and quality. The experienced workers sort it out in bulks.

DSC_3620     DSC_3636


DSC_3623    DSC_3628    DSC_3614


DSC_3642    DSC_3654


African souvenirs!


Just at the entrance to the lake there is a resort and  a local market. There you can get super fresh fruits and vegetables. A fruit eaten not far from the tree is never like a fruit bought in the supermarket! Ah, I would have those mangoes and papayas every day!



They sell the fruits for nothing, you can get more than you can carry for just 2-3 dollars.

DSC_3699     DSC_3703

I loved that mango tree!


It was here when I tried a soursop for the first time, and it became my favorite fruit of all times! It is a green spiky fruit, white inside, with many seeds. The content is very juicy, tasting of pear and pineapple. It is said to be good for preventing and curing cancer.

DSC_3701      DSC_3612


I wish I could come back on a sunny day!


About Imagineth

Ukraine born and raised...... after that, a long time has passed :P I'm an observer. Stopped traveling for a while. This is my break. Tomorrow is another day, hopefully tomorrow will bring me somewhere closer to the beach and the sun!


  1. Tim

    Haven’t been to Senegal yet. Now I want to go.


  2. Imagineth

    You should definitely visit Senegal! There are a lot of unique places to visit like Saloum, Saint-Louis, Goree, Ngor etc. The Baobab trees are gigantic, people are very hospitable (Teranga), the food is great, inexpensive to get around!


    • Tim

      Oh yes, I remember the baobob trees from Malawi, they were massive. I love Africa. I am moving to Turkey for a year and I am absolutely going to do some traveling in Africa.


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