They say there is a haunted hotel in Jakarta

I actually did not have a chance to experience Jakarta as it is known, meaning the buzzing swarm of it, because it was simply impossible to get there due to the traffic 🙂 So I’ve got to experience some relaxing Jakarta on the peripheries instead of an urban chaos.

Don’t miss the massage in this country! It is the best place for it. Don’t look for the fancy lounges, find the master in the corner saloons.



At the hotel the lizards would be everywhere – running on the floor and on the walls, in your room, under your feet, of all sizes and colors, scaring somebody to death or causing curiosity. Especially in the evening, the creatures would mingle with the ornaments on the floor, moving out of your way. I loved that! They minded their business until you appeared out there making them to run away! Stop the fuss, it’s not a crocodile 🙂


DSC_0476     DSC_0505

Some colonial building can be seen in Kota, the old town.





Indonesian will have you pose for them. They are shy, but once one of them asked you to pose, all the rest would do the same! This is your super star moment! Finally, right?

DSC_0527     DSC_0536



DSC_0538     DSC_0558

The colorful wooden boats called pinisi are harboring in the old port called Sunda Kelapa. Jakarta grew up and enlarged starting from here.




The loads are discarded and embarked by hand. It is a dusty place.

DSC_0551      DSC_0542

Frangipani, I love you!


DSC_0561    WP_20130924 74

Picture 089

The flowers would cover the ground around the trees in the morning. If you put them in a glass with water, they will last for a long time, filling the room with a sweet tasty fragrance!

DSC_0571    DSC_0576

Fishermen out for a catch in the lake near Sheraton Airport Hotel … which is said to be haunted :p


DSC_0594    DSC_0595


Picture 087

In Jakarta I have tried these snake fruits (salak), which look like garlic cloves inside, but taste like a strange dry apple 🙂 They grow on a palm tree, indigenous to Java and Sumatra. Another great local discovery was the sesame seed ice cream. I’m not an ice cream person, but that one was amazing!

WP_20130924 55

WP_20130924 58      WP_20130924 64

WP_20130924 71


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Ukraine born and raised...... after that, a long time has passed :P I'm an observer. Stopped traveling for a while. This is my break. Tomorrow is another day, hopefully tomorrow will bring me somewhere closer to the beach and the sun!

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  1. Tim

    Wow, I agree, Jakarta is very cool.
    Next to KL, one of my top cities.


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