You gotta love Joburg

Johannesburg has style …. Most probably you would have got here because of your stopover or connecting flight, as Joburg is not known as a touristic attraction at all 🙂 .  I’ve seen many airports, but JNB is a busy hub! It’s one of those few airports in the whole world which serves all 6 continents except Antarctica, just like Dubai (DXB), Doha (DOH) and Abu Dhabi (AUH) hubs … So, back were we were, this city has style and it’s hot !!!

It’s one of a kind, there’s no other city which feels the same way! You name it if there is one, boss ?!

Actually there is – Sao Paulo, cara!

JNB (306)

Joburg is the largest city which is not on any river, lake or coastline. Now you know what he means when he is saying that he doesn’t surf 🙂 They only do serious staff here !


So is it the capital? Which one is the capital? You never know with South Africa! I’ll let you ask them! I know what they gonna tell you, hahaha!


Protea Fire and Ice Hotel in Joburg is the sexiest hotel I have ever seen! It’s in Melrose Arch if you wanna have a look! I’ve told you – it’s hot!


The Lion’s Park is not just the Lion’s ….. but the Lion doesn’t mind …. He is too busy with being handsome! Head towards Lanceria …..

DSC_0060       DSC_0064




And kiss the giraffe ….. Btw, it’s a male! Somehow I was thinking of giraffes as females only …pha 🙂 same as about swans … never mind …




girafa (5)

DSC_0180      girafa (8)




Can I call him Sherlock Holmes?


If you wanna play with lions, you might consider being a volunteer in this park!

DSC_0205       DSC_0246


DSC_0213     DSC_0214


DSC_0287      DSC_1364

“Upstairs” is the place to hang out on Saturdays! It starts around breakfast time and is closing down around 2-3pm. It’s the buzz what makes this place so special, there’s no music, but there are people and the very beeeeeest food: mussels, pizza, steaks, all kind of your favorite snacks! Party starts early here, nobody seems to mind that! I loved the place, every city should have some Saturday breakfast buzz!



DSC_1331      DSC_1339




Joburg has the most high building on the continent! It’s the concrete giant, nxa …. So it does look like the capital … but it’s not!

DSC_1363      DSC_1395




DSC_1384        DSC_1386


A lovely jacaranda starting its blossoming … you should take a look at Pretoria around end of October! It is beautifuuuuuuul! You could spot a few purple trees in Joburg too, but Pretoria  is the place to go in October!

DSC_1407     JNB (174)


When I think of Joburg, the first thing what comes to my mind is a looooooot of biltong ….. I couldn’t never get enough of one pack! That’s  a type of dried meat flavored with different spices. Goes well with beer or just as it is!

DSC_3498     DSC_9707

Nelson Mandela Square


Spring time

DSC_3540     DSC_3543

JNB (19)

JNB (20)

JNB (22)


JNB (28)

JNB (33)      JNB (85)

SoWeTo is on its own, but Joburg includes it, so its Joburg’s! They loooove abbreviations in SA! So do ask clarifications! Sometimes they think we speak English …..nxa, not that one!

JNB (100)

Joburg taxi signs statues somewhere in Soweto! Practise some! Travel around in local mini van taxis, mix with he people!

JNB (55)

JNB (65)

JNB (74)

JNB (78)

JNB (82)

JNB (83)

These guys from Soweto need to go big online …. somebody sponsor them, they are awesome doing crazy staff, you will go “Whaaaaaaat” !!!

JNB (107)

JNB (108)     JNB (111)

JNB (112)

JNB (115)       JNB (153)

JNB (171)

JNB (116)

At  Mandela’s house in Soweto, Orlando West, Vilakazi Str, 8115. It’s a lovely museum with a lot of personal things of Nelson. Some of his letters written from prison are also displayed. 27 years is a looong time for anybody …..

JNB (123)      JNB (127)

JNB (152)

JNB (144)       JNB (145)

JNB (163)

JNB (164)

JNB (165)

JNB (166)      JNB (199)

JNB (168)

Still in Soweto, there’s a lot about this place to discover! They even have Beverly Hills!

JNB (186)

JNB (197)

JNB (198)

Orlando Towers in Soweto. Wanna do some bungee jumping?

JNB (204)

JNB (207)

JNB (234)

JNB (241)

Soccer City (FNB) Stadium is the largest stadium in Africa, also known as the Calabash, which hosted the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

JNB (260)

JNB (269)

JNB (276)

You gotta love Joburg! Forget about guns and knives, you gotta love it nevertheless, there’s more than that … Did I tell you that SA president has 5 wives? 🙂


About Imagineth

Ukraine born and raised...... after that, a long time has passed :P I'm an observer. Stopped traveling for a while. This is my break. Tomorrow is another day, hopefully tomorrow will bring me somewhere closer to the beach and the sun!


  1. great photos!!! when did you go there??


    • Imagineth

      Thank you! I’ve been there several times! Joburg is a great place with sweet funny people, great food and interesting events. It’s definitely an events place! A lot going on there all the time … not that “dangerous” as it is famed for, check it out, you will love it!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Imagineth

    It’s good to hear a different opinion on SA, as usually people will associate it with a horrible place full of crime …. which is a pity, because they are missing out big time!


  3. Tim

    Woo hoo, biltong!!! Yes, I was there in 2003 and remember having a lot of biltong. True comment, it’s never as dangerous as the media makes it seems, and that goes for many places in the world. Like your colorful sweater:)

    Liked by 1 person

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