A blink over Deutschland

This was one of the first countries I’ve ever been to abroad, it was one of those first trips of mine, as in every person’s life, when I started discovering the real world out there, so every thing I saw or experienced was exciting. Germany doesn’t need much reference as why it is so good, everybody knows it’s good! I like everything about this country … and I love that language. You have to know: the more you understand German, the more you will like it, so stop frowning, start learning, it’s cool!


I’ve seen a bit of Germany here and there, not enough though …

Picture 1076

Here you go, a Hauptbahnhof, one you need at hand, especially on Sundays, because that would be the only place open  as all the rest of Germany is closed on Sundays :))


This is the Altstadt of Hildesheim, a lovely little town not far from Hannover. The typical German houses are very pretty, remember – the name is Fachwerkhaus ! At least you have to know three words: Hauptbahnhof, Fachwerkhaus and Bratwurst!



altstadt      hameln


I’m having a walk around the beautiful city lake in Hamburg! Just in case you decided to follow me, think twice, it can take you up to 2 hours to walk around the lake!



This was early spring in Munich, it was still cold, but you can see some chaps in shorts as if there’s nothing to it! Prost to the brave ones!

DSC_0063     DSC_0082

Summer in Mainz was much better! I loved the old town near the massive cathedral!


Picture 1084

And another cold spring in Frankfurt! Unfortunately Germany is quite empty on Sundays!

Picture 1093     Picture 1100

Picture 1096

Picture 1112

Picture 1128

Just for a change, HELLO, this is Rihanna, she wasn’t that famous in 2007 … That was a good concert, but as every star out there, she confused the place, greeting Frankfurt several times, although she was in Mainz, but we will forgive her this time, we know, they all do that, they’re just trying to be nice!


I’ve never been to Berlin though… Europe, please wait for me, your turn will come!


About Imagineth

Ukraine born and raised...... after that, a long time has passed :P I'm an observer. Stopped traveling for a while. This is my break. Tomorrow is another day, hopefully tomorrow will bring me somewhere closer to the beach and the sun!


  1. Tim

    Nice photos. Just a note, Berlin rocks!
    You’ll love it.


  2. Great series of photos ~ sitting here in Frankfurt right now (and wish Rhianna was here…). Germany has so much to offer ~ Cheers!


    • Imagineth

      I knooooow, I’ve never really traveled around Europe, have always left it for later and still leaving it for later, maybe it has to do with seasons, but maybe the time is not right yet!


  3. I just got back from Berlin. It was great! cool pics!


    • Imagineth

      I hope I will visit Berlin as well, I have heard only good staff about this city! Apparently everybody wants to move there!


  4. Glad to hear you like my country! You’d love Heidelberg!!


    • Imagineth

      Yeah, I have been to Heidelberg. I loved the castle and the bridge. It wasn’t far from Mainz, where I was doing my Sprachkurs in 2007! Wow so long ago!


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