This is one of the biggest cities in Africa. Casablanca has been built on contrasts, embracing multiple cultures. This place is about the buzz, the mess, the smell of good food, the shoes, lots of leather products, palm trees, markets, beautiful sunsets, hibiscus flowers, donkeys, trains, French, Amazigh, Arabic, Jewish, amazing fresh yogurt … and the big mosque. How could I forget about the bread ! They also say you have to try the hammam, so go for it, it’s intoxicating, it is something you would really need, believe me 🙂 ! I’ve been to the hammam in Fez and I wish those bathhouses existed everywhere! A lil bit of shock and beauty!

Out of all you can experience in this busy place in the north of Africa, my favorite are the rhythm of the waves and the intensively red hibiscus flowers! Yeah, I think the waves are special in Casablanca!


This is a view over the Old Medina on a rainy afternoon, looks like it could shelter a million of people!





DSC_4755       DSC_4757

The Old Medina is full of bakeries and little places to get some food. Merhaba, Merhaba, be brave, get in there, but be cautious!


I really loved the sense of family and community in many places around Morocco. People would cook food for the whole family and neighbours and would carry food around from house to house! There is the buzz, people would be called for food whenever it is ready, it feels exciting! Some women would do the dough for the bread, would cover it and would leave it outside their door, somebody else just passing by would pick it up and would bring it to the bakery! Everyone is connected!

DSC_4764     DSC_4765

The Grande Mosque Hassan II is situated in a very beautiful place near the ocean. It looks historical, however it is quite new, being completed in 1993.

Picture 107

Picture 085

Picture 071_1      Picture 083

Picture 084

Picture 096     Picture 093

Picture 135

They bargain, yes, but it is fun! I think the merchants would be more disappointed if you would buy the shoes at the price they ask for it initially. If they can hold you around for a bit longer while bargaining – that’s it, you won! So make their day, introduce yourself to the bargain!

Picture 134      Picture 146

This restaurant is not far from the center, neither from the Grand Mosque. It is called La Sqala and here you can try some tagine. They have live concerts and cultural shows sometimes! A great place to eat and enjoy your evening! Couscous is served on Fridays only, if I’m not mistaken! Btw, Morocco is a great country for vegetarians, vegetables have never tasted better anywhere else for you guys, I guarantee!

Picture 176

You better get hungry as much as possible in Morocco, cuz they’ve got good staff for you!

Picture 159     Picture 164

Picture 165

Picture 170

Picture 175

Casablanca was only a stopover for me while I was traveling in Morocco, I wouldn’t stay so much there, as the country has so many unique places to see. Definitely visit the mosque, it is really beautiful!


About Imagineth

Ukraine born and raised...... after that, a long time has passed :P I'm an observer. Stopped traveling for a while. This is my break. Tomorrow is another day, hopefully tomorrow will bring me somewhere closer to the beach and the sun!


  1. Tim

    Very nice photos, good color. I liked Marrakesh as well. Did you go there?


  2. Imagineth

    I did, yeah, but only stopped shortly as I wanted to see the Atlas mountains and the communities living there


  3. I’ll be visiting soon. I am so excited!


  4. I’ve always dreamed of traveling to Northern Africa (Morocco specifically) and your photos affirm this dream of mine, great shots. All were great, but really enjoyed the blue mosaic and the lady dressed in blue sitting off to the right…very nice mood for this shot. Cheers!


    • Imagineth

      Thank you, Northern Africa is the cradle of freedom! But only after you visit you will see what I mean! I saw a photo exposition in Algiers, photos of free people living in Sahara who were forced to register and obtain a passport during French rule, which did not make sense, as they didn’t need a paper to register their existence, as they would have never used that paper. I also heard the story of the chin tattoo, which is beautiful, I won’t tell you the story – ask the locals when you go there, you will love Northern Africa, it is free and conventions don’t work there!


      • That is always the magic of being in a city/culture, so much more meaning and understanding. Really do look forward to visiting one day ~ thanks!


  5. Barbora

    I love your beautiful photos, very colourful. It inspires me as we are getting a new style of our living room and we chose oriental style. Thank you for sharing. I wish you many more nice trips.

    Liked by 1 person

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