A ray of sunshine in Northern Ireland

If you are out there in Northern Ireland and you are lucky to catch a sunny day – catch it with both arms because there is not going to be another one like that very soon! There are a lot of places with beautiful scenery, being it north of Belfast to Larne, or to the south to the Mourne Mountains!


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WP_20140906_005 1


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WP_20140906_018 1

WP_20140906_025 1

WP_20140906_033 1

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WP_20140906_047 1

WP_20140906_050 1

WP_20140906_070 1

WP_20140906_087 1

WP_20140906_091 1




About Imagineth

Ukraine born and raised...... after that, a long time has passed :P I'm an observer. Stopped traveling for a while. This is my break. Tomorrow is another day, hopefully tomorrow will bring me somewhere closer to the beach and the sun!

One comment

  1. Tim

    Love Northern Ireland, thanks for photos


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