What’s the craic?

Welcome to the city of million pubs! Sláinte! To be honest I’d hate to work as a bartender anywhere in Ireland – imagine a superfast typewriter – that’s the way they’re pouring beers!

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So this is the capital of Ireland. Btw, they’ve been told that nobody understands what they’re saying, but they keep doing it so prepare for some WHAT… well, English! As much as there’s the green country-like Ireland, Dublin is of a different air. Still – charming!

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This is Ha’penny Bridge, an old iron footbridge over the River Liffey taking you from the Spire to the Temple Bar.

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In case you thought you understand English, try this. But, hey, you’ll get used to that, where else you will find a friendlier crowd?


The Trinity College Library is worth seeing, there is the Book of Kells and other massive books. The lines are huge unless around 4pm, 1 h before closing.

Dublin (1)    Dublin (2)

Dublin (3)

Dublin (5)     WP_20140823_019 2

Dublin was founded by the Vikings…

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