Favorite Blogs

What travelers say

(more to come on this page as it goes)



* Into the World – a blog of a Romanian couple traveling the world

* Road Essays – great read, every line could not have been written better

* China Sojourns Photography – great photos and thoughts

* Chris Kean – amazing gallery of a world traveler

* Escape Artist – a blog of a mother traveling with her son

  • Live Seasonal – not exactly a blog, but a great platform for travelers

* Rolandia – very well built, interesting, consistent and full of great content. Discover Romania!


* Into the World – blogul Anei și a lui Ionuț care au călătorit toată Africa și Asia și încă sunt pe drum

* Stiu Un Loc – un blog foarte folositor pentru cei ce locuiesc în România și sunt pasionați de călătorii

* Viajoa – un blog plin de surprize de la fetele călătoare


Igor Melika  – follow one of the best photographers of Ukraine, he travels to truly majestic places, discover Ukraine with him

Inspired – міністерство натхнення 😛

Open Mind.Com.UA – блог Ореста Зуба / meet the Ukrainian traveler!

  • Karpaty.ua – шукайте інфо про Карпати, сайт новий, інформація актуальна


Александр Беленький – he is looking to discover the unknown. Amazing blog of a Russian traveler about interesting places around the globe!

Follow your dreams – follow Natalya on her world trip


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