Interview with Globetrotters

I’d like to introduce these guys to you.  They have been around for a while and their bag is full of adventure! I hope you will enjoy getting to know them!


Tery (Bulgaria) – a very special traveler who I feel so much with

Mauro Martino (Italy) – a story of a senior traveler who says that “the best travel is the next one” and I so much agree with that 🙂

Jeremy Marie (France) – he hitchhiked the world for 5 years.

Iunia Pasca (Romania) – a truly inspiring girl from Timișoara who has made the world her home and will tell you a few things about her adventures

Heike Pirngruber (Germany) – she is traveling by bike. Her journey is one of the incredible ones!

Katarzyna Irzenska (Poland) – a young Polish girl exploring Europe …for now

Chris Across the World (he is from everywhere) – has been to all of the countries in South America and more

Martin Moschek (Germany) – travelers on the bike more than 25 years (WHAT?)

Aleksandra Hristov (Macedonia) – meet the Macedonian wanderlust girl

Janaline Smalman (South Africa) – great stories from a South-African traveler

Manel and Cristina (Spain) – great photographers, lovely couple writing in Catalan and Spanish

Marina Lukyantseva-Haworth (Russia-USA) – she has been to North Korea

Jett and Kathryn Britnell (Canada) – a lovely couple from The Nomadic Tribes

Dawn (USA) – she is sharing info about traveling

Cindy (The Netherlands) – she bikes around the world for over 3 years now (WOW)

Cornelia Lohs (Germany) – a journalist who loves to write about secret jams out there

Emily Luxton (UK) – a young adventurous travel writer

Sam Tolliday (Australia) – he work hard but then he travels even harder

Nicole Franken and Anneke de Bundel (The Netherlands) – they have been to the least travelled paths and came back with wonderful stories in Dutch and English

Anna (Germany) – a young photographer who writes on WWW

Dave Anderson (USA) – a young nomad which manages to study and travel at the same time

Pamela (Croatia) – Skinny Chick Travelling :))

Sebastian (Germany) – he cycled from his homeland to the Pacific … that kind of a journey, YEAH

Kach and Jonathan Howe (The Philippines and UK) – a lovely couple from Two Monkeys Traveling

Maggie Garvin (USA) – a girl who knows a lot about Disney

Javier Castaño (Spain) – a young father of twin girls  shares his adventures

Dez Cutchey (UK) – he’s just started exploring places, but we’ll give him a couple of more years

Nic and Paul from Manchester  (UK) – a young couple breaking the stereotypes

Ogy Kovachev (Bulgaria) – full-time employed, but still manages to travel

Anna (Spain) – a Catalan psychologist who adores traveling

Tausha Cowan (USA) – a Jamaican New-Yorker gets the globe even if she’s employed full time



  1. You should add some share buttons so that we can share these interviews on FB and twitter…I bet there are loads of people who would love to read about these travellers.


  2. so many interesting interviews to read 😛 PedroL

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