Globetrotters: Katarzyna Irzenska (Poland)

1. Tell us about yourself and where we can find more about your travelling.

I’m a girl who wants to travel all the time. I started traveling when I was 19 years old. I write a blog and here you can find a lot of my journeys. If I travel I breathe … I write on my blog in Polish.

katarzyna (1)

2. How many countries have you visited and where would like to settle down at some point (I know you fall in love in so many places, but choose one and tell us why)?

I travel mainly in Europe (have a look at my travel map here), but in October I’ll have my first trip to Asia (Sri Lanka). See – Asia is my dream. I think in another life I used to live here, because I love the culture and their views. A place where can I live is Portugal or Wales. In Portugal I like the climate and the people. They are so friendly and I spent here a lot of great moments. In Wales I feel the silence, it is calm and green everywhere.

3. What do you miss most, aside from your family, from home?

I miss the relationship with my family, because when you travel not everything is colorful all the time. Sometimes you have bad days, you don’t feel good and you can’t talk about this with mom or dad. My parents always give me extra energy. They believe in me. Sometimes I can’t wait to be back home and try my mom’s tomato soup – she makes it the best in the world 🙂

4. Where did you meet the friendliest people and how did you feel about being around them?

In lot of places. When I’m looking at the map people approach to help. When I was in England everybody would say to me: “Hi, How are you? Have a nice day” It was very nice.

  1. Funniest or most embarrassing travel moment?katarzyna (2)

When I was in Turkey I had a sore throat and my friend had diarrhea. We went to the pharmacy but the pharmacist didn’t speak English. So we had to show him what was our problem. My sore throat and cough was the easy part, but when my friend pointed at the ass and said: “Big problems!” we started laughing all together. I had to take antibiotics. I am allergic on a lot of things so I tried to write on a computer the name of the medicine, but the pharmacist had the Turkish keyboard so we started laughing again 🙂

  1. What has been the most under-rated country/place you have been to and why? Most overrated country/place?

I think Milan is quite overrated. There was the Duomo Cathedral in the city centre … but nothing more … When I got to the periphery I didn’t feel like I was in Italy.

  1. Tell us about a favourite dish from the world and one from your country that everybody should try (If you have a picture, share it with us).

I loved moussaka in Greece. In Croatia you must try fresh smoked mackerel.  In Poland you must try a dish made from noodles, meat sauce and red cabbage in Silesia region. And… the tomato soup made  by my mom 🙂

  1. What is your favourite author and what did you like about his style?

I like the books of Jerzy Kukuczka. He died in the mountains in 1989 – at the south side of the Lhotse. He writes about his passion and love for the mountains. Often when I read his books I cry because he speaks from the heart.

  1. What is your favourite music (You can share a playlist/link)?


  1. What song from your country everybody should know?

I love the mountains so I think everybody should know the folk music from Zakopane.

  1. Give us one of your favorite phrases in your mother tong and explain what it means.

My mom often tells me: Bar zamknięty 🙂 (=do it yourself )

  1. You have a chance to ask one question to anyone in history and get an honest reply – what is your question and to whom?

I want to ask Hemingway about his favourite place in the world 🙂

katarzyna (3)

  1. One thing you don’t like about other travelers or traveling?

I hate when people are grumble during a journey.

  1. What has been your most valuable lesson learned from travel?

Don’t believe everyone’s words and remember to always count on yourself.

P.S. Maybe her blog will make you start learning Polish 🙂


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Ukraine born and raised...... after that, a long time has passed :P I'm an observer. Stopped traveling for a while. This is my break. Tomorrow is another day, hopefully tomorrow will bring me somewhere closer to the beach and the sun!

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