Globetrotters: Pamela (Croatia)

1. Tell us about yourself and where we can find more about your travelling.

First thing you’ll have to know about me is that I talk a lot but I hate talking about myself 😀 In general, I’m just a female soul trying to find her place in this crazy world. And that journey you can follow on my blog.

2. How many countries have you visited and where would like to settle down at some point (I know you fall in love in so many places, but choose one and tell us why)?pamela (1)

I’ve crossed 20 borders up until now, some of them a few times, can’t wait to cross some  new ones soon.  To be honest, there’s nowhere still that I found to wish to settle forever, maybe for some time only. I still love my beautiful Croatia and it is a perfect place to live, but hopefully soon I will figure a way to live somewhere else for a bit. I know, the answer is not in a travellers style 😀

3. What do you miss most, aside from your family, from home?

I actually don’t miss my family while abroad, sometimes my friends but then again my life is mostly online so that doesn’t do much difference if I’m away cause just a click on the computer and we are connected again. What I miss the most are my dogs and sometimes just having a rest in your own space.

4. What is the most common misconception that people have about you during your traveling?

That I’m fearless and oh so brave. Little do they know it was just a decision made in my mind to stop letting fears control my life and taking away all the magic that happens outside the comfort zone, once you step across that border.

pamela (2)

  1. Is there any place which you wouldn’t visit again and why?

Not that I can think of. Some places didn’t maybe still my heart or blew my mind but if the roads takes me through them again, fuck it right? 🙂

  1. Where did you meet the friendliest people and how did you feel about being around them?

Well, first of all I have to say that hitchhikes are usually my fav type of people for so many reasons, and anyone who is one can understand why. pamela (7)Couchsurfing is also a community that brought so many great souls into my life. If we talk about countries, I always say Turkey and Iraq were the places where people made it the best experience possible. Cyprus could count there too, but with a little different vibe, but so much positive energy there, I was really surprised.

  1. Funniest or most embarrassing travel moment?

Funny moments are happening all the time, it’s just impossible to tell or remember them all. Just every time I meet a couchsurfer or a host I click with or even hitchhiking with someone fun – you can only imagine what sorts of things can happen or just stupid talks we share 😀

  1. What has been the most under-rated country/place you have been to and why? Most overrated country/place?

I feel it’s always the same answer, I seriously need to go to more places asap 😀 But yeah, definitely North of Iraq, amazing country – people, food, music, nature, such a shame that the media portraits a bad image that it doesn’t deserves.

For me western places are overrated – that’s why I don’t go there 😛 For example, many are crazy about Budapest. Me – I don’t find it that interesting, but I have a good friend living there now, so I just go to visit him and that’s why Budapest gets more points from me now.

  1. Tell us about a favourite dish from the world and one from your country that everybody should try .

Almost anything homemade, especially in Turkey, Iraq and Nepal. The best memory is eating a Tibetan bread with homemade honey while overlooking the lake in Pokhara, Nepal. Chapatti would probably be my all time favourite cause I made it at home many times too.

pamela (6)      pamela (3)

  1. What is your favourite author and what did you like about his style?

If we are talking about books, then Croatian writer Slavenka Drakulić, who was actually translated to few languages, her style is very simple but brings a deep and emotional message. And Gabriel Garcia Marquez – for obvious reasons.

  1. What is your favourite music (You can share a playlist/link)?

Oh, now you touched my soft spot 😀 There’s not enough time & space here for that. I LIVE for music, it is the most important thing to me. Let’s just say I don’t only listen to heavy metal, rave and those sorts of things 😀 But you can always follow my YouTube channel if you need a little inspiration.

  1. What song from your country everybody should know?

Uff, this is super difficult one, especially because of the language. But, can I share a band that is from Bosnia? They have a song in English that perfectly describes our state of mind – Dubioza Kolektiv – USA :))

  1. Give us one of your favorite phrases in your mother tongue and explain what it means.

Can I share one of my favourite poems – I’ll just give a free translation but hopefully you’ll get the point:


Man, take care,

not to go small under the stars.

Let the star light

Pour right through you!

Regret nothing when you cast

Your last look

At the stars!

And at the end of your life, instead of dust,

Turn into stars!

A.B. Šimić

  1. Best foreign curse you know?

Lately I’ve been around lots of Brazilians so Caralho! 😀 And Turkish – siktir git! Google for translation 😀

  1. Do you have a favourite name from the world and what does it mean?

Actually had that written somewhere, but now from the top of my head:

Rolihlahla – childhood nickname of Nelson Mandela (my one & only idol in life), translated could mean a troublemaker.

Bravado – a show of bravery or defiance, often to make a false impression or mislead someone

16. You have a chance to ask one question to anyone in history and get an honest reply – what is your question and to whom?

Only one single question? I have like a dozen at least? 😀 But would love to sit with Hitler, have a shot of rakija (Croatian traditional drink) and ask him – seriously, dude, wtf were you thinking???

  1. What is your favourite website (apart from social media platforms)?

YouTube and Stereomood cause of music 😀 Other then that the list keeps changing that even I can’t keep up, too many good stuff out there on the internet.

  1. One thing you don’t like about other travelers or traveling?

Privileged travellers who give “life lessons” about how everyone should quit their jobs and travel the world. It’s such a deep subject to me that we can only discuss it live with a  bottle of wine 😀

pamela (8)

  1. What has been your most valuable lesson learned from travel?

I’m stronger then I give myself credit for + humans are good everywhere and I’m the luckiest in the world to have met so many of them.

Love, love Pam! I hope you guys will invite her for a bottle of wine :P!



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